6-9 March 2025, The NEC Birmingham

Trade Stand Exhibitor Checklist

Please note the following are mandatory:

  1. Contract for trade stand space. This should be signed and returned along with full payment by 12 January 2024 to secure your space. You are reminded that you should ensure you have adequate public liability insurance cover (see item 27 of the trade stand manual).
  2. Wristbands and tickets – in order to obtain wristbands to allow your staff entry to the show please complete our online form by 31 January 2024 (refer also to item 3 of the trade stand manual).
  3. Health and safetyplease complete the health & safety information by 26 January 2024 via the following link (refer also to item 25 of the trade stand manual).
  4. Show guide listing - please complete the online link by 31 January 2024 (refer also to item 4 of the trade stand manual).  
  5. Nameboardfor shell exhibitors, please complete the nameboard form by 31 January 2024 (refer also to item 33 of the trade stand manual).
  6. online delivery booking system. Vehicles entering site on any of the build up days or for restocking in the evening need to be booked in noting that the deposit system will remain in place for deliveries on Wednesday 8 March (refer to to items 9 and 15 of the trade stand manual).
  7. Space only stands - please refer to items 25 and 42 of the trade stand manual and space only/complex structure regulations at the rear of the trade manual and on the important info section of the portal. All space only standholders or their stand builders need to forward the required information to this email by 26 January 2024 in order to obtain permission to build. Stands will also be inspected on site before the show opens.
  1. Shell scheme island sites– please note item 42 of the trade stand manual requiring a plan showing the layout of the stand and location of walls must be submitted to the organisers by Friday 26 January 2024 via email.

The following items are not mandatory but you need to make sure you order any additional services you may require by the specified date to avoid surcharges. 

All the links/order forms can be found on the contractors section of the trade stand portal.

Please return contracts and RAMS documents via email.

Or post to: 

The Events Department (Crufts trade)
The Kennel Club
Kennel Club House
Gatehouse Way
HP19 8DB