6-9 March 2025, The NEC Birmingham

The Kennel Club stand at Crufts

As the world’s first national Kennel Club, we have a wealth of knowledge in canine health, breeding and responsible ownership. Our priority is making a positive difference for dogs and their owners, and our stand offers a wide range of invaluable advice and support to dog owners, potential puppy buyers, breeders, trainers and exhibitors.  


Highlights from The Kennel Club stand at Crufts 2024 included guidance on finding a healthy and happy puppy, information about adopting a dog through Kennel Club Breed Rescue, DNA testing services, advice on finding a reputable breeder, as well as the opportunity to win a £100 Amazon voucher and browse the new Art of Crufts limited-edition merchandise range- which can still be purchased on our online store here.


Visit The Kennel Club stand for...

Kennel Club registration services

The team will be on hand to help with any registration queries including registering your pedigree dog litter, changing ownership of your dog, overseas registration and kennel names.


Our expert team are available to resolve any queries and provide advice and guidance on our wide range of registrations services.

Learn more about dog health

Visit the stand to have your questions answered on breeding for health or learn about health considerations you need to be aware of when buying a puppy.


The team can advise on the health schemes and screening that should be in place for their parents. If you’re considering breeding, the team will support you and offer advice on  The Kennel Club Heart Scheme for CKCS, The Kennel Club IVDD scheme and The Kennel Club Respiratory Function Grading Scheme (RFG). Our RFG Scheme is the only one in the world of its kind, assessing the breathing of brachycephalic breeds and helping breeders lower the risk of producing affected puppies.


You’ll also be able to purchase DNA testing packages on the stand from The Kennel Club DNA testing service; just one swab can offer you a lifetime of peace of mind, with specialist aftercare for your dog at no extra cost. 

Looking for a puppy or finding a forever home for a rescue?

If you are thinking about buying a puppy or adopting a dog in rescue, then come and meet the team and some rescue dogs on The Kennel Club stand.


The team will be able to provide advice and information on the full journey of welcoming a dog into your home, from choosing the right breed and finding a responsible breeder to
microchipping advice and much more.

Responsible breeding

Getting a puppy from a breeder who prioritises health and welfare is essential to giving any puppy the best life possible, and we know it can be hard to recognise irresponsible breeding practices.


Make sure you visit the stand for advice on how to buy a puppy from a responsible breeder.

Breed rescues attending The Kennel Club stand

We have three breed rescue organisations each day eager to meet and educate potential rescue families. The breed rescue area is sponsored by Agria Pet Insurance

Art of Crufts

Art of Crufts is our limited-edition merchandise range for 2024, you can still buy the limited-edition range on our online store here

The range celebrates the beautiful relationship between humans and their four-legged best friends, through the elegance of Art Deco design to mix heritage with contemporary style. The artistic illustration is available across a range of products which evoke the spirit and excitement of Crufts. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Microchipping with Petlog 

Operated by The Kennel Club, Petlog stands as the largest independent pet database in the UK, dedicated to facilitating the reunification of lost and found microchipped pets for more than two decades.


Talk to our team for expert microchipping assistance and discover the advantages of Petlog Premium first-hand.

Kennel Club Pet Insurance

With over 250 years of collective expertise, we stand as the United Kingdom's most knowledgeable dog-only insurance provider. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled protection for your beloved canine companions. Renowned among responsible breeders and new puppy owners alike, we have earned our reputation as the go-to destination for comprehensive coverage.


Our track record speaks volumes: 97% of claims are processed within 3 days, showcasing our dedication to prompt service. Furthermore, we offer the highest level of coverage available, with policies extending up to £25,000.


Bark and Read

Did you know that dogs love reading too?  That’s what Bark and Read is all about – helping children and young people to learn to love reading with the support of these amazing doggy companions.


Bark and Read, supported by The Kennel Club Educational Trust, works with partners around the country to bring specially trained and assessed support dogs to schools and libraries. Our partners are all established dog-assisted therapy charities with years of experience on how to make this a safe and enjoyable activity for dogs and people alike. Dog-assisted reading therapy helps to nurture enthusiasm for reading and provides children and young people with the confidence needed to read aloud, take part in school and enjoy the experience of reading.


Visit our Bark and Read corner on The Kennel Club stand to meet our wonderful dog and handler teams.