6-9 March 2025, The NEC Birmingham

Crufts Marketing and Press

The Kennel Club press and marketing departments extend their support to the trade stand holders who attend Crufts and help to contribute to the world’s greatest dog show.

Crufts not only provides trade stand holders with the opportunity to reach over 160,000 dog loving visitors, but also over 500 members of national and international press who visit the show and who may be able to help promote companies throughout the year.

A comprehensive marketing and communications plan has been implemented to ensure another successful event, including television, radio, print advertising, direct mail, e-marketing and PR. 

Contact details for Marketing and Press

Should you need any further information or advice on the promotional activities being undertaken for Crufts 2024 please contact:

Digital assets

Our new trade stand banners are now available:

A5 leaflets

If you would like free Crufts A5 leaflets to display and distribute as you see fit please email us

Crufts logo

Please note that the usage of the Crufts logo is restricted prior to the event. So please use the banner in all cases. Should you have further questions please contact us

Social media

When posting about Crufts before, during and after the event, please make sure you tag us in your posts, our handles can be found below:

Unoffical social media and ticket pages

This year, we have been made aware of a number of unofficial Crufts social media accounts which are asking users to make payment to watch Crufts 2024. We would like to warn users that these are fake accounts. For anyone who would like to watch Crufts this year, this is free and not a paid for service. You can find out more about watching Crufts on our website.

Please be aware that there are also a lot of scam companies in operation at the moment suggesting you can pay for tickets. Please note that tickets are only available from the official Crufts website and Ticket Factory. If in doubt about the authenticity of a ticketing site please do not purchase tickets from these sites.

Press Office location

During Crufts the Press Centre is located in the Toute Suite on the Piazza.

Is it a good story?

Journalists deal with news – therefore they want something that is new, interesting, timely and that will make their readers sit up and listen. Some points to consider that make a product newsworthy are:

  • Can you find a celebrity ambassador to launch your product or represent your charity?
  • Is it a truly new product (just launched/in the past few weeks) and is it different from everything else out there?
  • Does the product tie into a topical trend – organic, political (tie into current newsworthy events), technology
  • Consider conducting research that will create a story around your product
  • Do you have a great photo, or can you provide a journalist with an opportunity to take a great photo (journalists are thrilled when they get a picture that is not a handshake/cheque presentation etc.)
  • Is your product unusual or quirky?
  • Have you had a trade stand at Crufts for a milestone number of years? e.g. 20 or 10 year anniversary.

Please use the trade stand form to let us know your news or photocalls

Pre-event publicity

Unless your photocall stands out it can be difficult to secure press coverage from such a busy event. Have you considered promoting the fact that you will be at Crufts in the week or two before the event, by creating a story or photograph opportunity related to your product and saying that the product will be available at Crufts? If you are planning to do something in advance of the event and would like to talk to The Kennel Club press office about this please do get in touch using the details at the top of this webpage.

Publicity at the show and photocalls

Crufts gets thousands of items of press coverage every year. The Kennel Club works alongside Channel 4 before and during Crufts, and organises pre-recorded radio syndication, video content for online and TV coverage, YouTube coverage on the Crufts channel and news services to national and regional newspapers.

If you have an interesting story to tell or a celebrity ambassador who can be interviewed, or anything else that you think will generate press coverage for your brand, you can complete a trade stand form. The press office will use this form to gather information to offer to members of the press and will contact trade stands with any opportunities as they arise. You can also include on this form any photocalls that you are doing on your stand, which we will endeavour to include in our photocall diary that is circulated to journalists attending the event.

The press office can advise if your chosen photo-call clashes with anything else that is going on at the show.

Good photocall opportunities might include a product launch by a celebrity, an award presented to a dog and their owner, a ‘famous’ dog appearing on your stand e.g. one that has been used for TV/film, a study/research launched.

Please note that The Kennel Club is unable to provide the services of a photographer to attend your trade stand event.

If you are talking to any of your own media contacts prior to the show, ask them to contact the press office to apply for a press pass if they wish to attend Crufts. 

More 4/Channel 4

Crufts 2024 will be covered by More 4/Channel4 television. They are interested in any new, unique products, and anything quirky! This could include new toys and games for dogs that stand out from the crowd, expensive glitzy collars, or any quirky products for dog owners and dog lovers themselves. So please let us know of any interesting products or events that you may have planned and we will pitch ideas to the TV company on your behalf. If you have a celebrity linked to your product or organisation please let us know, as television will be looking for celebrities to interview. Stories may also be used for video content for Crufts’ YouTube channel. Please let us know if you have any stories as soon as possible. TV coverage can be hard to achieve and we cannot guarantee what will be featured.


If you need ISDN or studio facilities for radio please liaise through the Press Office.


Ensure that you contact The Kennel Club Press Office at the earliest opportunity and inform them that a celebrity will be arriving at the show so that details can be included on the photocall list, which is provided to all press and press opportunities explored.

Ensure that you organise refreshments and something for them to do when they arrive at the show. Ask them to sign autographs, join in a demonstration of your product etc. Find out what other opportunities there are for your celebrity within other areas of the show, the press office will be happy to help.

Please note that Channel 4 has exclusive broadcast rights to Crufts 2024. If you wish to film at Crufts, including for social media you will need to contact The Kennel Club press office in advance to gain the relevant permissions.

Showguide opportunities

Media pack coming soon.