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Why choose Petlog

Dog with children

Petlog is the largest pet microchipping database in the UK, and has helped reunite millions of pets with their owners. Pet microchipping is a simple yet effective way to ensure that pets find their way back home if they’re ever lost or stolen.

How are pets microchipped?

The process of microchipping your pet with Petlog is simple and hassle free. First, a small microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, is inserted under the skin of your pet. This microchip contains a unique identification number that can be read with a scanner, which is then matched to your contact details on the Petlog database.  

What is Petlog?

Petlog has the largest lost-and-found database for microchipped pets in the UK. This means that there is a higher chance of reuniting lost pets with their owners compared to other databases. Additionally, Petlog's customer service is available 24/7, making it easy for pet owners to report their missing pets anytime, anywhere.

Petlog premium

The Petlog Premium service offers a range of additional benefits, such as priority support, lost pet alerts, and pet insurance discounts. This premium service ensures that pets are protected in case of unexpected incidents, giving pet owners peace of mind. 

The benefits of Petlog

Petlog is also committed to promoting responsible pet ownership. They work closely with local authorities, animal welfare organisations and vets to ensure that every pet is microchipped and registered on their database. By reducing the number of stray and abandoned animals, Petlog is making a positive contribution to the welfare of animals in the UK. 

One of the main reasons pet owners choose Petlog is the ease of the registration process. Petlog's online registration system is user-friendly and efficient, making it simple for pet owners to register their animals. Once registered, pet owners receive a certificate of registration that provides proof of their pet's identity and ownership. Also, if you move house or change your phone number, it’s easy to update your contact details online via Petlog’s website.  


It’s compulsory for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped, and new legislation will come into force in June 2024 requiring cats to be microchipped too. Learn more about microchipping your pet with Petlog.