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ASDA | Crufts Pet Quarters

The go-to hub for you and your pets

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ASDA and Crufts have come together to give you information and advice, as well as hints and tips, on how to care for and have fun with your cats and dogs.

On our information hub, you can find out about foods to feed your pets (and what not to give them), treats to tantalise them, great grooming advice, tips on training, ways to save your money and much more.

Pet food

As the familiar saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’. Choosing a complete, balanced and tasty diet for your pet is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for them, and it’s important to get it right.

Cat and dog eating from a bowl

Choosing your pet's food

With so many choices available, find out how to choose the most nutritious and tasty food for cats and dogs.

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Why good food matters

Find out how the food you give your pet can make a difference to their health, happiness and even their lifespan.

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Dangerous foods

Some human foods can be dangerous to dogs and cats, so it’s important to know which foods to keep out of paws reach.

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Pet treats

Yes, our pets deserve a treat every now and again, but that doesn’t mean giving them snacks that are bad for their health. Check out these tasty tips.

Dog being hand fed a treat

Choosing the best dog treats

With so many choices available, it can be difficult to know which treats your dog will love the most. Learn more about your options.

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What are the healthiest treats to give?

We all love to spoil our furry friends, but it’s important to make sure that any treats we give them are as healthy as possible.

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Giving treats as part of a balanced diet

Any extra food we give our pets can contribute to their daily calorie intake. Find out how to give them their treats as part of a balanced diet.

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Training may feel repetitive and a bit of a strain at times, but a well-trained dog makes for a happier, more harmonious household. Training gives dogs confidence, keeps them mentally stimulated and strengthens the bond you have with each other.

Child and dog together

Child safety around dogs

Children and dogs can be perfect playmates, but they need to know how to behave around each other. Find out how to keep children safe around dogs.

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Dog sitting with owner

Teaching your dog to sit

When it comes to training, teaching your dog to ‘sit’ is one of the first on the list. Read our tips on how to help them learn this trick.

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Stopping your dog jumping up

Some people can find a dog jumping up quite intimidating. Find out how to teach your dog how to stop doing this.

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When it comes to the high points in a dog’s day, they’re likely to include going for a walk, meal times, and of course, play. Don’t underestimate the importance of toys and games - playing with your pet helps to keep them happy, healthy and stimulated.

Dog with chew toy

The best toys for dogs

Whether it’s a chew toy, ball or plushie, find out how to choose a pet toy that they’ll love and that will last the test of time.

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How to clean pet toys

Our dogs adore their toys but it’s easy for them to quickly become filthy. Find out the best ways to clean them and make them look like new.

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Games to play with your dog

Play is a vital part of our dog’s mental stimulation, fitness and socialisation. Why not try some of our suggested fun games to play with your dog?

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We all want our pets to look and feel their best. Read our useful tips on bathing, brushing and general grooming for your pet.

Dog being washed

Washing cats and dogs

Bathing your pet for the first time can seem daunting at first. Find out the best way to wash your pet and how often to do it.

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Cat being brushed

The basics of brushing cats and dogs

Regular brushing helps to remove dirt and tangles. Find out how often to brush your pet and read our tips on the best ways to do it.

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Dog having hair cut

Tips for grooming your pets

Regular grooming can help to keep your pet clean, happy and healthy. Read our tips on how to keep your pet in great condition.

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Health care

We all want our pets to be healthy and free from common medical issues, like obesity, ear infections and dental problems. Read our tips for keeping your dog or cat in tip-top form. 

Cat having their teeth brushed

Preventing gum disease

Gum disease is a common problem in cats and dogs. Find out what to watch out for and how to keep their gums healthy now and in the future.

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Managing your pet's weight

With pet obesity on the rise, it’s important for owners to watch their pet’s weight. Read our hints and tips on how to keep them in shape.

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Preventing ear infections

Ear infections can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort to our pets. Find out the best ways to prevent them and how to spot warning signs.

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Cost of living

We may be tightening our belts a little more these days, but that needn’t mean your pet needs to as well. Here are some tips for taking care of your pet that won’t cost the earth.  

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Homemade dog treats

If you’re thinking of treating your dog, why not use one of our homemade dog treat recipes for some scrumptious snacks.

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Tips for saving the pennies

Taking good care of cats and dogs is essential but it can also be expensive. Read our advice on how to make your money go further.

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Cheap day trips with your dog

Nothing beats spending time with your dog and it needn’t cost the earth. Find out how to get out and about with your dog on a budget.

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We all like to think that our pets will never go missing, but if they do then a microchip can literally be a lifesaver. Find out everything you need to know about microchipping your dogs and cats and why to have it done.

Cat walking

Compulsory microchipping of cats

Next year, all cats over the age of 12 weeks of age will need to be microchipped. Learn more about what this might mean for you and your cat.

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Why use Petlog

Petlog is the largest pet microchipping database in the UK. Find out more about Petlog and how to keep your pet’s details up to date.

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Stopping your pets from getting lost

Whether you've just moved house, are worried about pet theft or have a pet that keeps escaping, find out how to keep your pet safe.

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