Crufts Best in Show Judges

Crufts Best in Show Judges play a pivotal role at Crufts, bringing a wealth of expertise and discernment to select the top canine representative. These esteemed judges are chosen for their extensive knowledge of various dog breeds, adherence to breed standards, and a keen eye for excellence. Each year, the appointed judges bring a fresh perspective, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the crowning moment of Crufts. Their dedication to fairness and their commitment to honouring breed standards make them integral figures in the world of dog shows, ensuring that Crufts remains a beacon of excellence in the canine community.

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Crufts 2024 Best in Show judge Ann Ingram


Iconic moments at Crufts

Embarking on a journey through the illustrious history of Crufts is like stepping into a world where canine excellence takes centre stage. With a legacy spanning decades, Crufts has become synonymous with remarkable moments that celebrate the extraordinary bond between humans and their four-legged companions. In this article, we delve into the iconic moments at Crufts.

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2004: Heartfelt heroes


Rare vulnerable native breeds

Did you know that there is a group of British dog breeds that are now getting so rare that they are at risk of disappearing from our homes and parks altogether? Many of these breeds are declining because they aren’t considered fashionable, or simply because people don’t know they exist. A few of these vulnerable native breeds are some of the oldest breeds in existence, and they deserve to be given the same consideration as the most popular dog breeds when choosing a puppy. 

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Rare vulnerable native breeds


Top pedigree dogs of 2022

The top pedigree dog breeds of 2022 have been revealed, showcasing a diverse range of breeds catering to individual lifestyles and preferences. Read this article to see if your favourite has made the list!

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Top Pedigree Dogs


Interview with Best in Show judge Stuart Mallard

Stuart Mallard, Best in Show judge, will be judging Best in Show at Crufts 2023. Bill Moores caught up with Stuart to find out what he was most looking forward to about judging Best in Show at Crufts 2023. This interview first appeared in the February 2023 Kennel Gazette. To read the full interview please visit The Kennel Club website to purchase your issue of The Kennel Gazette.

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Stuart Mallard Resized (1)


How to buy a dog

Looking to buy a dog or a puppy? Read more on responsible ownership and the dos and don’ts of buying a puppy to ensure you're prepared to make this life changing decision.

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How To Buy A Dog


How to name your dog

If you have recently brought a new dog or puppy into your life, or are expecting one soon, then you are probably going to need to find a name for them. Finding a name that sums up your new family member can often be a very hard yet fun job. Our Petlog data has presented us with 2022’s most popular names - read on to help inspire you!

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How To Name Your Dog Resized


Meet some of Crufts remarkable dogs and owners

Crufts remarkable dogs and owners, competing at Crufts 2022, talks about each of their journeys into dog showing at the world’s greatest celebration of dogs. We caught up with some of the remarkable dogs and owners competing at the world’s greatest celebration of dogs to learn about their dog showing journeys.

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Carly And Sora


Top training tips from Good Citizen Dog Training scheme

Rob Alleyne, top training tips from Good Citizen Dog scheme dog trainer, talks about his top training tips for all dog owners. We caught up with Rob Alleyne to find out about his time as a dog trainer and what his top training tips are.

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Rob Alleyne


The amazing Maisie makes history for Dachshunds

Kim McCalmont , Best in Show winner, talks about what an honour it was to win Crufts Best in Show with dog Maisie. We caught up with Kim McCalmont to find out what she enjoyed most about winning Best in Show with Dachshund Maisie.

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Interview With Best In Show Winner Kim Mccalmont